Hey! It’s Mo Green from Limitless Sports Performance and the Limitless Football Performance!

Have you ever felt a step behind, good but not great, average but not above average? You wanted to take your game to the next level but you couldn’t quite get there?

That was me when I was in high school. I just transferred so I could play football because my last school didn’t have a program and although I could play the game I felt behind. My skills were ok but my body wasn’t quite developed. My best friend who also transferred in that same year had about 20 pounds on mean and was built like a grown man. His first 2 touches of the season went for 70 plus yard touchdowns (he was an all american wide receiver that year)!


I didn’t play that first year but during the off-season workouts I got stronger. With strength I felt my skills translate better on the football field and I got faster.

Over the years I found that the stronger I got, the faster I was and I don’t mean Arnold Schwarzenegger either. I mean strong compared to my body weight. In college me and my closer friend were pound for pound the strongest on the team (he was a little stronger) so not only were we strong but we were the fastest on the football and track team as well. As I studied sports performance I noticed a correlation, STRENGTH=SPEED!

Once I understood this and started training the right way I went from a 4.62 40 to a personal best 4.32 at a pro football workout! Look at how explosive OBJ is or how John Ross can have 2 major knee injuries in college and still run a 4.22 40 at the NFL combine…HE’S STRONG NOT JUST FAST! I learned this lesson late but I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. This method has helped athletes that I train become first round draft picks, earn college scholarships, become all state and improve their overall athleticism and I don’t want you to miss out!

Click the ADD TO CART button below and grab your copy of the speed ebook. It contains the exact step by step workouts that you need to do to run a 4.4 40 or faster! I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made. Let’s make your speed LIMITLESS!