Moses Green has a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.  He has been on a journey to personal self improvement for the last 20 years, since he picked up his first Muscle and Fitness magazine.  As a child attending private school, Moses’ mother would take him school shopping for the required uniform and it became increasingly difficult to find the right size pants until one day she asked the salesperson, “Do you have a 32 HUSKY?!”  Moses realized he was overweight and decided to take matters into his own hands.  He began to follow workouts to a ‘T’ and results followed.

Moses’ love for sports also placed an importance on fitness.  Throughout the years, he participated in football, basketball, and track and field and he knew that to be at the top in his sport, physical fitness was key.  Moses was a two-year starter at the Division 1AA level of college football for Saint Peter’s College as a defensive back.  In 2007, after his college career, he became employed at L.A. Fitness as a personal trainer.  This is where he found his passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals just like he had been achieving his own.

In 2012, with five years of personal training experience, Moses decided to start his own personal training business and thus birthed New Life Fitness, LLC.  His goal is help everyone he trains to realize their LIMITLESS potential and consistently get better in every facet of their life.  From the seasoned athlete to the couch potato who has decided he’s ready for a lifestyle change, Moses strives to make an impact in their lives.